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Apr 19

Anonymous asked: Out of no where she dropped to her knees and sucked me till I blew the biggest load in her mouth. When I finished, she took me to her bedroom where I went down on her till I started to get hard again. We had the most passionate sex for about an hour. This happenes almost every night since, I'm going to miss her when I go to collage next year pt 2


Anonymous asked: My half nephew has fingered me and played with my tits a few times he's also kissed me twice and taken my shirt halfway off. I really want to go even further and every time he stays we sleep together and cuddle all night but I even dream about him fucking me when he's here


Anonymous asked: Why do people stress when it comes to lingerie,i was 14 my sister was 11 when we started having sex.i also started crossdressing,.16yrs later my sister and i meet up for sex and for me to dress up,my wife loves me in womens clothing she thinks she is the only one with that secret,


Anonymous asked: I've always been very close to my step daughter,10 years ago she asked me what a porn film is like,I put one on for her,she told me afterwards her panties were soaking wet,she let me have a feel,theaters the start of my best sex ever, my hand tounge and penis was the first man's ever to touch her,and I still enjoy having sex with her,


Apr 14

Anonymous asked: When I was a kid, me and my twin sister were hunting in our parent's room for Xmas presents. We found a video and watched it. It was our parents having sex. We watched it all and decided to copy what we saw. It was so amazing. That was 13 years ago and we still enjoy having sex on an almost daily basis

Anonymous asked: When I turned 13, my dad told me that he didn't want me to become a swanky girl and he wanted to me to be a classy young lady. He would take me shopping, buy me nice clothes, lingerie and shoes. One day I was modelling a sexy corset with heels and stockings and he got so hard I could see it through his jeans. He asked if we could have sex. I said yes and it was amazing. 10 years later and we still have sex. I love my daddy

Anonymous asked: I really want to have sex with my aunt, but I don't know how. I know I could go over but how do I suggest it? How do I know if she wants me?

Just seduce. Seriously. Its no different than any other woman. 

Anonymous asked: when i was little kid i was eat the pussy of my elder sister we love that game we play it when im 5y and she 7or8 yold .we kiss each other and play lover we just copie the think we see in the movie after many years when i was 12 years she 15 we have play the game of sex i Jump over her and we kiss and i let my dick Attack her pussy we never play this game naked so no sex that the condition of my sis But after the first time i cummin we stopped We learned that what weare doing

Anonymous asked: It's fun bring with daddy.I let him cum in my as manybtimes as he wants.

Anonymous asked: Do you know any other good confession blogs? Not that I don't enjoy yours, but I'd like to expand and get more content too

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