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Apr 23

clairecuddle asked: My name is claire and have sex with brother Alex and had done since i gave myself to when he turned 16 and was 17

Apr 22

Anonymous asked: i fucked my mum and dad at the same time. my god i loved every second of it. his cock in my mouth and my cock in my mums pussy

Anonymous asked: I got hard and walked in on my mom in the shower i stroked my cock till she noticed me she yelled at me but i kept stroking she got i grabbed her and bent her over the sink she told me to be quick i fucked my moms ass for an hour

Anonymous asked: So. Im 17 and. Theres this girl i like but she has a boyfriend. Ive only had sex once and i can tell i have a high sex drive. I have feelings of lust for my cousin who is turning 15. When we were younger she said "i wanna marry you" we also like.. touched each other before. What do i do? Im depreased from thinking, im tired because i wake up in the middle of the night with a raging boner. I already told the girl i like that i liked her. Please help me!

Be aware of the moral and legal repercussions of the law in your country. 

Anonymous asked: i want my older sister and teenage niece to take turns sitting on my face and jerking my cock witth their feet then have them both suck me until i blow my load on their toes then watch them lick my cum off each other's feet and passionately kiss more than i want my next breath. theyre so fucking sexy. i sneak pics of their soles every chance i get. wish there was a way for me to watch them shower too. im hard just thinkng about how hot that would be.

Anonymous asked: i once put a camera in the bathroom to spy on my bbw mother. huge tits. fat round ass. would love to fuck both.

jj1562 asked: My father in law was a submissive to his exwife, I am a sub to his son. And about once a month (sometimes more) the boys fuck me together. I love hearing my boyfriend get instruction on how to use me and watching him suck off his father is such a turn on. I have a Sir and Sir's Superior and I'm very happy. SS taught Sir how to fuck my ass and now they take turns. My boyfriend has always been a bit of a daddy's boy but how they are both my boys.

Apr 19

Anonymous asked: Out of no where she dropped to her knees and sucked me till I blew the biggest load in her mouth. When I finished, she took me to her bedroom where I went down on her till I started to get hard again. We had the most passionate sex for about an hour. This happenes almost every night since, I'm going to miss her when I go to collage next year pt 2


Anonymous asked: My half nephew has fingered me and played with my tits a few times he's also kissed me twice and taken my shirt halfway off. I really want to go even further and every time he stays we sleep together and cuddle all night but I even dream about him fucking me when he's here


Anonymous asked: Why do people stress when it comes to lingerie,i was 14 my sister was 11 when we started having sex.i also started crossdressing,.16yrs later my sister and i meet up for sex and for me to dress up,my wife loves me in womens clothing she thinks she is the only one with that secret,


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